Lyons-Mehama Water District


Welcome to Online Billing!!!

1. Call the office at 503.859.2367 to begin the initial set up process.

2. The customer will be given a user identification code to use.

3. The customer will then select a password to use.

4. The customer needs to click on the link below and sign in.


Service fees:

 When using your checking account:


  ALL transactions will be a flat  $.99 cent fee


 When using your debit/credit card: (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER)

 Transactions for $50 or less will be $1.30 per transaction.

 Transactions over $50 will be 2.6% of the amount paid.

 When using American Express cards:

 Transactions $50 or less will be 1.5% of the amount paid.

 Transactions over $50 will be  3% of the amount paid. 

All transactions will be charged at the time the transaction is processed.